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The LDX Rally is an event that has been a long time in planning.  When Wayne Boyter decided to hang his hat up in 2014 at the conclusion of the BigTexRally that year, there was a huge fall void left for rallies.  Troy Martin created the NIITWIt Rally which led to Paul Tong taking over the Heart of Texas Rally from James Stovall in 2017 and then to Troy's Underdog Rally and eventually this multi-day event which is held on the summers opposite the Iron Butt Rally.  There have been numerous other multi-day events : Butt Lite, MERA events, and more. 

The LDX Rally currently holds the place traditionally held for the Butt Lite Rally, which is infamous in its own right.  Lisa Erbes and crew decided they had fought the good fight and had provided numerous exciting events for LD riders across the globe but decided 2020 was going to be their last attempt.  With Lisa's blessing, and a nod from the IBA's Mike Kneebone, the LDX Rally came to form. 


The Long Distance X.  It means a multi-day LD rally which could be anything from 5-8 days or who knows.  The typical plan is an organized start location with one check-point and then back to the original start to finish.  The LDX Rally will most likely always be themed, meaning that the bonuses will be associated with some common concept and the scoring method will follow suit.

The LDX Rally will also continue to seek new ground, new ideas with electronic scoring, scoring apps, and geofencing to name a few.  Tradition is wonderful but creating new traditions, and more important, creating new riders and fans of LD rallies, is just as important.

2022 saw the first LDX Rally, themed "Founding Fathers".  Beginning and ending in Cheyenne, WY, the rally covered statues all over the United States and Canada which represented pioneers of culture, government, and industry.  The 7-day event, with a checkpoint in State College, PA, riders covered thousands of miles to be finishers, with several earning Saddlesore 7000 certificates.  This inaugural event was won by Billy Connacher.  You can find links to the ride reports and other news about this rally in the forum section.

2024 will be the second LDX Rally.  This rally will be an amazing 9 days long.  A little ambitious and maybe a little to much to take on, yet the theme we had in mind requires a longer event due to the territory covered.  The 2024 LDX Rally will start on the morning of Wednesday June 19th in Iowa City, IA (actually the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Corralville, IA).  There will be a checkpoint back at the host hotel on Saturday June 22 with riders departing the next morning for their second leg of the rally.  The rally will finish on Friday June 28 back at the host hotel.  There is a link at the top of this page that can take you to specific 2024 LDX Rally information and on that page is a link to purchase a banquet ticket for the finish should one want to attend.

Our Team


Paul Tong

Tara Tong

Nancy Oswald

Tara and Nancy are the people you always see, either helping you get out the gate, checked-in at the finish, and have all your stuff.


Jeff Konicek

Do you have any idea how ridiculously impossible it is to find a picture of Jeff?  Here he is at his greatest.


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